Data challenges companies are facing

The big data technological landscape is broader than ever before, which for companies is both exciting and daunting at the same time: multiple languages, frameworks, cloud solutions, AI engines, etc. Businesses face challenges such as having multiple sources of data, in different silos, various formats and managed by multiple systems, which have little to no efficient connection available between each other, but that together have the potential of drawing the whole picture of the status of the company.

How do you bring it all together and extract value from that data, to take business decisions now? How do you unlock it?

How Nucleoo unlocks your data

That’s where Nucleoo comes into play: a set of software components using the latest technology, a performant, escalable and cost effective cloud infrastructure, and a team of engineers that go that extra mile to provide a solution fully tailored to the needs of the client. That client-centric approach makes us different, providing the most advanced data solutions specifically for you, but based on a track-proven core platform that’s in continuous improvement to bring the best breed of technical data solutions.

The engineering process focuses on many areas, from the very ETL, to storage optimization for big data, to cloud fine tuning, leading to a clean data model which you can query, analyze, get alerts, and run ML pipelines on, providing great performance, cost efficiency and high levels of security and privacy.

That way you can focus on extracting value from the data, make informed decisions and develop your business. We take care of the rest, we’ve got you covered.

Written by
Rubén Trujillo
CTO Bi4 Group