Thanks to our modular software infrastructure, we can build up to 6 times faster than other companies can, resulting in less risk for our clients and a substantial shortening of their time to market.


Building an application from scratch perhaps sounds like an easy thing to do. However, in reality a well thought out, solid working application is harder to build than one would think.

At Bi4 Group we have done this successfully many times. Our applications are of the highest quality and we apply the latest technology. Our applications pass even the most thorough security and stress tests (some applications have been tested with 5 million active users at the same time!).

The development process has different phases which are described below. Bi4 Group will act as a proactive partner throughout the entire process.


Before we start our journey together we need to understand what you want to achieve with the to-be-developed application. We can guide and support you throughout this process and help you make the right decisions based on our experience.

Understanding the bigger picture helps us to optimize decisions now, for your future benefit. We will also help you prioritize functionality and define a first proof of concept to reduce the time to market of your product.


Once the roadmap is clear, we can start the development of the first MVP. Thanks to our modular software approach we can speed up development substantially. We invested heavily in a modular architecture to deliver up to 70% of the application in a short amount of time.

Our clients like our approach as it gives them a lot of comfort to have a first visual of their application within a short period of time. Other software companies often take four to six times longer to get to that same phase.

Our goal is to deliver a first MVP as soon as possible. This way you can get into the market, test the product with your target group, and adjust the MVP accordingly.


When the MVP is well received, we will start working towards a production ready version. Unlike the typical MVP process, where the production version needs to be developed from scratch again, the architecture is already covered thanks to the modular software. In this phase we will focus on customizing the application to your specific needs. It often involves custom CSS, components and other UI/UX related functionality.


Our commitment doesn’t end when the application moves into production. Newly launched products require additional support. Furthermore you shouldn’t forget the application will require maintenance and ongoing development. In the world we are living in, standing still means you´re out. We will help you define your future roadmap.


The technology stack actually does matter a lot more than most people think. It’s of paramount importance that your application is developed in a language that is there to stay. Also bear in mind that some technology stacks are substantially faster than others. Furthermore the version of that technology is very important too.

Newer languages and versions are developed at a rapid pace. The general goal is almost always to, speed up development, improve efficiency and maintenance.

At Bi4 Group we are not ´married´ to any technology or version. We quite recently upgraded our entire technology stack to the newest versions of Python and Angular. This required a thorough redesign and even starting from scratch. But it helps us to develop even faster, which is finally in our clients’ best interest.

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