In part 2 of our series on optimising Cloud costs, we took you through limiting licence fees by switching your setup from SQL to open-source. In this third and final installment, it’s time to talk maximising performance with customised serverless architecture.

This is where the real saving kicks in. Instead of going for a quick 15% cost save, think bigger. Redesigning your architecture could eventually save you 50 to 75% (yes, really!) in recurring monthly savings, while improving performance drastically. So, on to tip 3:

Rethink your solution architecture

The Cloud is relatively young and its technological development progresses at warp speed. This means many companies don’t maximise the Cloud’s real potential. Furthermore, not every developer is a data architect who understands how to optimally use a server’s CPU, memory and storage for data processing, resulting in suboptimal configuration.

Of course, that’s a hugely wasteful situation that’ll soon create real strain on your company’s finances. But there is a way to avoid it entirely. If you design your architecture from the ground up, you can take complete control of how and when you spend on your data management infrastructure. By leveraging serverless architecture, using proper Cloud resource sizing and up/down scaling, optimising data storage, and so on, you save by the second in your production environment. Plus, you can schedule development and staging servers to run on a purely as-needed basis.

By building your architecture from scratch, you can tailor it precisely to your unique business demands. That’s no mean feat. It requires out of the box thinking and years of experience in Cloud and software technologies. Yet the results speak for themselves: optimal performance to cost ratios, saving you up to 75% in recurring monthly savings.

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Written by
Rubén Trujillo
CTO Bi4 Group