In this series, we look at how businesses can dramatically cut their Cloud costs in a few simple steps. In our previous article, we discussed close cost monitoring to ensure your Cloud spend stays in line with your business revenue. Today, we’re discussing licence fees.


Cut out hidden licence fees

Licence fees are a nefarious hidden Cloud cost. Many businesses don’t even realise they’re racking up potentially avoidable costs with every minute of server time used and every data transfer made. Previously, businesses paid for SQL licences per server, with costs outlined in advance. As their usage increased, so would that cost. Now, though, your business could make that expensive SQL investment a thing of the past.

Today, there are multiple open-source relational and non-relational database alternatives to choose from. They’re just as – if not more – effective and, most importantly, they’re free to use. Making the change from SQL to open-source could bring your company huge annual savings.

Limiting licence fees is a practical, actionable step any business can take to cut Cloud costs almost immediately. But, ultimately, technical due diligence from an expert technology partner is the only way to ensure real impact that guarantees significant cost reductions.

Once you’ve taken hidden licence fees out of the equation, you’re ready to move onto stage 3. To find out more, read next week’s installment on fundamentally rethinking your business architecture.

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Written by
Rubén Trujillo
CTO Bi4 Group