Expand your possibilities by embracing the data-driven culture

Your data holds tremendously valuable knowledge about your business. Turn data insights into actions that allow you to grow and create business impact. A combination of data management, AI tools, BI solutions and cloud services will enable you to fully experience the data-driven decision making process.

We will together design your data journey, leveraging tech solutions and business processes, to get tangible results of exploiting, even augmenting, your data. Provide valuable BI insights to all your business units so they have the power to make data-driven decisions.

Data and Artificial Intelligence services

  • Build and develop your Single Source of Truth

  • Deploy and support algorithms

  • Ingest from multiple data sources to consolidate in a central Data Lake

  • Data governance, security best practices, compliance

  • Tap into big data analytics processes

  • Actionable BI visualisations with leading providers like Power BI

  • An AI team at your fingertips, with vast expertise in Data Science and Data Engineering

Services Data and AI

A glimpse of our stack

Python OpenAI Apache Spark Power BI AWS Cognito Tensorflow Apache Kafka Hadoop

Nucleoo in action

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