Looking ahead, data-driven is the clear way forward

In today’s business reality, cutting-edge data management is the make-or-break factor for any company, whether private or public. Cast your mind over the list of today’s most successful enterprises, and you’ll soon see what ties them together: strategies that put data above all else.

Data-driven leaders like Amazon, Uber, Google and Netflix are laying the groundwork for the future. Already, various industries are feeling their disruptive effect. As a result, time is of the essence for companies that want to stay competitive. Firms that are too slow to apply customer-centric strategies to their business models will risk falling into obsolescence. Fundamentally, the ability to tap into vital streams of customer behavioural data is what will decide who succeeds.

Looking to the future, Artificial Intelligence is also set to dominate the data-driven horizon, as increasing focus on cloud computing and data management position it as the fastest growing global market.

What to expect from Bi4 Group in 2021

Bi4 Group has already proven itself as a challenger in the Dutch cloud computing and data management market, crafting custom data solutions since 2012. We’ve also launched Nucleoo, a proprietary modular platform that aligns with companies’ data management requirements, while simultaneously accelerating application development and reducing maintenance time and expense.

Bi4 Group’s Intellectual Property and customer base – combined with its solid track record in data management and cloud computing – puts the company in a unique position to benefit from AI’s steep upward trend.

As such, a ground-up rebrand, additional investment in our product range and go-to-market orientation will top Bi4 Group’s priorities as we move into 2021.

Reaching new heights with Pieter Aarts

Finally, we’re thrilled to announce the appointment of Pieter Aarts to Bi4 Group’s Management Team. As Chief Strategy Officer, Pieter will lead the development, communication and execution of the company’s Strategic Initiatives.

Pieter brings invaluable business acumen to the table, most notably as an executive board member at PinkRoccade and HP Netherlands. He’s recently completed a 10-year tenure as CEO and Founder of roOomy, the world’s leading 3D VR/AR technology company in the interior decorating and real estate space. From small-scale beginnings, Pieter led roOomy’s growth into an international reference brand with offices across Europe, America and Asia. He simultaneously played a crucial role in the brand’s cutting-edge productisation of interior design, serving global clients including Wayfair and Sotheby’s Realty. Pieter’s passion for hiking has also seen him climb some of the tallest peaks on the planet, aiming ever higher.