Retailisation offers inventory management solutions to its clients in the consumer goods industry, mainly in the fashion and sporting goods sector.

Bi4 Group is proud to embark on this strategic partnership with Retailisation, shaping the future of business with Nucleoo’s custom data architecture solutions.

Reinventing what we do, not only how we do it

“Data suggests that the Corona pandemic will lead to the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. We will need to reinvent much of what we do, and not only how we do it,” commented Jasper Zeelenberg, CEO of Retailisation.

“To make the supply chain to retail better, faster and cheaper, swallow less inventory and increase its returns, brands and retailers must let go of old ways of working and embrace working with data and new technology. Unified data and platform technology, more specifically.”

The Retailisation approach, critically supported by Bi4, allows their clients to remove constraints on product flow to retail point.

With modules for planning, assortment building and store clustering, as well as open to buy management, allocation and replenishment, Retailisation’s platform will allow clients to manage inventory from cash to cash, in owned and operated stores and via Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) used in partnership retail.

Accelerating innovation

Integrating Nucleoo will allow Retailisation to optimise its cloud infrastructure, with predicted improvements in overall performance. This is an integral step to realising the next phase of Retailisation’s strategy for growth, accelerating progress along the company’s innovation roadmap. With Nucleoo optimising end-to-end operations in seamless tandem with Retailisation’s existing software, the company will be free to focus on launching new functionalities and improving its capabilities.