Everyone wants a system that adapts to their business instead of the other way around.

Existing solutions are either standardized and require you to adapt, or very expensive and time consuming to build. This is why we came up with Custom Software as a Service. CSaaS has the best of both worlds. CSaaS is a 100% customized software solution adjusted to your systems and processes. Thanks to CSaaS we can deploy 6x faster at a fraction of the cost of custom software.

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Bi4 Group started developing products to support innovation for own use. We believed we could do things better. We have multiple products that all share a common goal: Improve productivity and integrate with your systems to save costs and gain full insight.

We have built multiple applications that automate workflows, save your team the pain of administrative work, and enable management to gain insight and get notified to ACT upon these insights.

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A good programmer is up to 7 times more productive than an average programmer. We only work with the best engineers, and our clients reap the benefit of this. We want to support you in your innovation. This means that we fully integrate in your team and share our know how to deploy your roadmap in the most effective way. If you want engineers that challenge you to optimize your product, we are the partner you are looking for!
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