Being agile and cost-efficient is essential for business survival.

So, we focus on three simple objectives for our clients:

Reduce business risk:

Being dependent on a small number of key software engineers or a cloud provider can be a significant business risk in the long run.

What if one of those engineers leaves? What if they all leave? Or what if your cloud provider stops operating a key service you were using? We are an independent party that helps you keep your options open.

Our solutions have a cloud-independent setup, preventing a lock-in with your cloud provider. We believe flexibility is fundamental to success, so we even make sure you’re not locked in with us. Furthermore, we ensure your business architecture is running as desired.

Increase focus: Grow faster, grow smarter

Good software engineers are very hard to find. So, you’ll want them to focus on innovation instead of patching up and maintaining your existing infrastructure.

We take care of your data architecture so your valuable resources can focus on what they’re best at and what really matters: building innovative solutions for your clients.

Optimise performance and costs:

Today, the cloud gives you a lot of options when it comes to increasing your application performance. But it’s a double-edged sword: scaling up comes at a high price. Without realising, you’re suddenly spending thousands of euros more. Is that really necessary? We don’t think it is.

At Bi4 Group, we build your custom solution from the ground up, focussing on maximum utilisation of computing power. In many cases we reduce our clients’ monthly cloud costs by over 40%, while improving performance more than 200%.