Unlock your Data

Nucleoo is a big data and AI software architecture solution that helps companies to unlock their data, deploying them through easy-to-use applications. We put your data to work by turning information into valuable insights.

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Lots of data but no insight?

Companies have lots of data but often lack the right infrastructure to unlock this data for improved business performance and higher ROI. To solve this problem, Bi4 Group created Nucleoo.

Technology Agnostic

Nucleoo is non-intrusive to your existing software architecture. The system integrates with your infrastructure, but runs perfectly on the side. Nucleoo can be setup quickly without hefty implementation or redesign costs.

Technology agnostic and non-intrusive

Rapid implementation

Lengthy implementations are history. The intelligent data architecture ensures for rapid implementation. Within weeks Nucleoo can be up and running with your data.

100% Custom

Each company is different and has different processes in place. Although Nucleoo is a complete product with multiple plug and play modules, it is fully adapted to your company and allows for full customization.

Keeps up with technology

Technology changes at an ever-increasing pace. Thanks to its architecture, Nucleoo can keep up with technology without affecting your company infrastructure.

The Nucleoo Product Suite

“We developed Nucleoo because we want to make advanced (big) analytics and machine learning accessible to every company.”


Many companies have huge amounts of data, but are challenged to put this information to work. Everyone wants to do big data analytics and apply AI to their data. But unfortunately it isn’t that simple. Whether they have it all in one huge data warehouse, or in multiple locations, often the data is not big data and AI ready.

This is why we created Nucleoo. Nucleoo is a data driven solutions platform which allows for 100% customization to your business. The platform runs perfectly next to a company’s existing architecture, it is completely technology agnostic.”

Arnoud Krom, CEO