Our Services

Over the years Bi4 group has developed itself as one of the most prestigious development companies in Spain for international clients in customized software. The applications Bi4 Group has developed are being used for their daily processes by many multinationals.

Bi4 Group makes use of the latest technologies for the development of software and management of business processes.  We guarantee the highest quality of your product, assure compatibility, and optimize Return on Investment.

Your team of excellence

We have many years of experience in building and managing teams of the best specialists for our clients. Next to development qualities we look for people that fit both with the expectations of our clients and share our values.

We solely hire engineers which enable us to successfully face even the most challenging software development taking into account security, stability, and scalability.

Relieve our Clients

Our goal is to relieve our clients, we take care of everything so you don’t have to worry. The developers of Bi4 Group are proficient in multiple programming languages and are trained to make new languages their own rapidly.

We structure our work areas into two sections: Front-End and Back-End. This way there is a clear division of tasks and it makes the applications we build well structured and very easy to integrate.