IT departments get overwhelmed by a huge amount of SaaS solutions that somehow need to be hooked up to their existing architecture.

Within this increasingly complex landscape, they also need to make sure that they keep their custom developed software updated.

API by design

Nucleoo can flawlessly integrate new internal and external datasets, whether these concern stock information, financial input, pricing data, demographics data, or the weather.

Nucleoo can also deliver output to other applications within the company’s existing application landscape, seamlessly utilising REST APIs.


Independent and safe

Nuceloo’s technical building blocks are secure by design, actively maintained and continuously monitored for known vulnerabilities. Furthermore, we apply a four-eyes principle and strict working methodology: access to the environment and code is on a need to know basis. Nucleoo can be integrated with any leading cloud provider, ensuring the highest levels of security compliance.


Easy to integrate

Nucleoo works in parallel with your current IT architecture. There’s no need to change the way your existing enterprise architecture works, avoiding those high-risk and expensive consultancy and integration processes.


Technical debt is history

Bi4 Group has been active in the data-driven solutions sphere since 2012. In 2016, we began developing a modular architecture which would form the basis of all future projects. In a nutshell, the modular architecture constitutes roughly 70% to 80% of the applications we develop.

The key benefit is that when we update one application, all applications using the architecture are automatically updated. The result: almost total elimination of technical debt, with a consistently up-to-date solution.


Get ready for Machine Learning

Everyone is talking about Machine Learning and AI. But, before you get to Machine Learning, you need to be able to structure the data you’re receiving.

Nucleoo covers data and infrastructure preparation, enabling the execution of ML pipelines in a scalable and performant way. So, multiple algorithms can be executed and tested in a short period of time, generating fast results.

Nucleoo also allows you to iterate processes for rapid improvement, yielding more refined forecasts based on the latest data available.