We are not attached to any particular technology, yet focus on the technology that gives us the best outcome.

One example is that we recently re-developed our modular software from scratch to the latest versions of Angular and Python. If you want to keep up with the market, you have to make bold decisions that at first glance look costly and unnecessary, but will speed up development and make your company more competitive in the end.

Innovation Initiatives

Innovation Initiatives

We have multiple initiatives to encourage innovation inside and outside our organization.


Gathering on technology challenges twice a month with the entire engineering team.

Bi4 Labs

Where we convert ideas into marketable products.

Bi4 Academy

A 5-week training program for university graduates.

Innovation bootcamp

An intensive corporate innovation program that results in the development of a market ready MVP.

Innovation projects

Proprietary blockchain solution, AI solution for budget planning, IOT data transfer platform.

Bi4 Ventures

Co-investment in new products or startups.