We are what you need for making the difference between meeting customer expectations and exceeding them. Our solutions put the consumer at the center offering a 360° view of the customer journey.

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Discover the next steps to boost your business


Curb your business waste

with a predictive model based on data management and advanced Al algorithms.


Automate forecasting

of baselines, promotions and total revenue with high accuracy using historical data and cloud-based machine learning tools.


Be aware

of what your clients think about your business to prevent reputational damage and systematize your retention strategy to minimize churn risk.


Identify future customer

habits and needs, consumer trends and business opportunities to take action on time.


Reduce operational costs

to optimize your business performance exponentially and increase reliability.

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Today, the focus in retail is on collecting data and then using the conclusions obtained from the data analysis to improve the marketing- and customer service strategies. However, the industry faces challenges such as a lack of security and data privacy. Additionally, there is a lack of skilled analysts to decipher data and an inability of the companies to implement the insights gained from analytics into their business.

Arnoud Krom · CEO at Nucleoo

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