One of Nucleoo’s key benefits is that it boosts innovation.

How? By supporting data scientists and analytics teams to focus on where they add value, which is on analysing data behaviour, rather than developing countless reports. Nucleoo accelerates productivity and therefore innovation.

Below we’ve outlined the engineering required to accelerate analysis and presentation of results to the end user.

We create custom architecture that will accelerate your work pace.

Every data challenge is different. What’s more, each challenge requires significant data preparation before the information can be analysed. Nucleoo supports data scientists, saving time in the labour-intensive processes of data optimisation and algorithm execution.

The analytics team can also use this ‘single source of truth’ and architecture together with their preferred selection of BI tools. Without a high performance infrastructure, querying these amounts of data in a performant way would be almost impossible..


From the ETL process to optimised data storage, a distributed query engine and API, the data toolkit allows data scientists to run their modelling and AI using a powerful data framework.


Cloud provisioning, auto-scaling, sharding and distributed storage allows your business to deploy parallel processes, lowering runtimes and producing faster results via efficient use of cloud resources.

standard interfaces:

Nucleoo is based on open source technologies. Data scientists can use tools like Jupyter, Spark, Tensorflow, Keras and REST APIs to get their job done. Analytics teams can connect the performant infrastructure to their preferred BI toolkit.

We created Nucleoo Self Service to allow end users to efficiently access the advanced insights discovered by data scientists.

Any business leader, whether that’s a management team or a shop owner, needs insights into what’s going on in their business. Often, they turn to data scientists and analytics teams to prepare insights for them when the task is too complex for traditional BI.

The team needs to run the analysis and algorithms and prepare the report. The business then usually comes back with more questions to be answered. This can be a labour-intensive and perhaps even frustrating and distracting extra task when the data team wants to continue investigating the original query. Enter Nucleoo Self Service.

Nucleoo Self Service creates a custom parameterised report based on the analytics team’s discoveries. So, the business can adjust its own reports, using data architecture optimised for fast analysis delivery.