Affordable custom software delivered instantly


We adapt systems around your business

We often forget that one of the powers of IT is that it allows you to adapt systems to your business. Many times this is lost in translation. Current solutions are standard and require you to adapt to them. Tailored software development is often the alternative. However this involves risk for the client: It is expensive and time consuming.


This is why we created Custom Software as a Service

CSaaS is a 100% customized software solution adjusted to your systems. Thanks to CSaaS we can deploy 6x faster at a fraction of the costs of custom software.

Of the application is standard parts that each application requires. We spread the costs of this development over many users, leaving you with a very attractive rate.

Is tailored. We will integrate and customize the system to your specific needs and give it the desired look and feel.

You have a basic version of the platform running within days.

Our Framework

Our unique components based framework is the reason why we are able to deploy so quickly, yet offer 100% customisation.


Front-end is the part of the application that a user sees and interacts with. This determines how an application looks, acts and responds.


Back-end is the “power” & “flexibility” behind the front-end. This determines how an application “thinks” and how secure and “robust” it is.