More than 65,000 companies worldwide rely on Jira Software, which makes it one of the most used tools in the market for project management and an essential tool for any IT manager.

At Nucleoo we want to take it one step further by leveraging our insights-as-service platform.

Jira’s reporting system is useful to analyse the team’s performance on a daily basis, but… What if you would like to analyse the performance over time, or between teams? What if you want to compare individuals or teams to average performances? We tell you, it will take a lot of spreadsheeting and drive you crazy! At Nucleoo we offer a transparent and flexible Jira dashboard which offers everything you need. In this dashboard, we will analyse some key KPIs that will help you to improve your team performance: The average number of tickets per sprint, the average number of points per sprint, the average time that a ticket is in the “in progress” column and the average time that a ticket is in the test column. To obtain a more precise analysis of each KPI, we will have filters that will allow you to make comparisons over time, between teams or even between developers.

This way you can make smart decisions and achieve a more efficient organisation, saving operational cost and reducing technical debt and delivery times. 

In addition, having an email alert system that warns stakeholders will help to meet objectives and make decisions about team composition. For instance when any team member has too many tasks assigned with “high priority”. It will avoid stressful situations due to unconsciously overloaded team members.