We can’t miss the rapid pace at which AI is moving. The big players such as Google (Gemini), Microsoft (Copilot), OpenAI (ChatGPT, Sora) and Meta (Llama) are throwing budgets around that equal the GDP of a small country. However, we see most companies are still not up to speed on how to implement AI in their organisation.

Let’s leave the LLM battle to the big players. We don’t know who will win. One way or the other, the end user will benefit greatly from it. But how can your company take action? This market moves so fast.

How to kickstart AI adoption in your organisation

Below we give a five step guide to get the AI movement going in your organisation.

Start creating awareness within your company. Does the team know what is coming? And how will this impact the industry, the company they work for, and their lives? Is your leadership team up to speed? We believe everyone should be aware of what is coming. One cannot hide or ignore it’s coming. Your company will simply go out of business as your competitor is already implementing AI big time, or a new AI startup enters the market which does exactly the same as you do, but at a fraction of your costs. A mindset change is necessary to adopt AI in your organisation. Get your leadership and employees up to speed on AI with training sessions and masterclasses.

Tech moves at a dazzling speed these days. Keeping up all by yourself is an impossible task. We recommend you to partner with a tech company. Look for a trustworthy partner with a solid track record in AI, and alignment with your company’s long-term goals. It’s essential to have close collaboration and maximum agility to develop and deploy solutions quickly. Ensure your tech partner keeps you flexible and doesn’t lock you into one of the LLM players mentioned earlier.

Contracting big solutions forced from the top down into the organisation might backfire. Not to mention we think it’s very risky to bet on one player in this immature market. Create space for AI through collaborative workshops and proof of concept (POC). Picture what your company would look like if it was born today with AI available. Would you be doing things differently? Let your team come up with solutions for productivity improvement, reduction in repetitive work, saving time and costs, and new solutions to offer to clients. If they create it, it will create ownership and a support base in your organisation.

Many organisations are waiting. They wait because they are afraid to make the wrong choice. We believe waiting is the wrong choice. You shouldn’t bet the house on one solution now, but you should get the mindset going as fast as possible. Start playing with solutions beyond ChatGpt and Copilot. And more importantly, start using them in your daily processes. This will spark the imagination and will already deliver results quickly, even though tomorrow there might be something better. 

I don’t know a single company that ever created a sustainable competitive advantage using standard software. Custom software never has been this accessible. It allows you to create your own IP, have the software developed 100% to meet your needs and draft a roadmap that will strengthen your position and competitive advantage.  

Example: Companies A and B have both a commercial offer generation process that costs 100 per month. Company A has started playing and implementing AI in its processes. The saving of a customised solution is instantly 30% and improves bit by bit as the team finetunes the solution to make it perfect for them. Company B decides to wait for an announced tender generation SaaS solution that proves to save at least 40%. Six months later Company B is still waiting. Although the launched solution saves 40%, they decided to wait for another SaaS solution that is due to come to market and saves 50%. Because, after all, they need to adjust their systems to implement the standard solution, and they don’t want to invest twice.

In the meantime, Company A drastically improved the custom solution through ongoing iterations. They achieved an additional saving of 5% per month and are now saving 60%, more than the best solution on the market. Company B didn’t save anything while company A saved a total of 315, more than half of the total costs.

In the previous example, company A can continuously improve savings by improving its custom tender solution, and integrating it seamlessly with their systems, where company B depends on the roadmap and vision of the team behind the standard solution. Moreover, company A came up with a spin-off product to generate marketing content for their website and social media.

Although there are better standard SaaS solutions on the market, the custom solution they came up with, after the necessary iterations seamlessly fits with their internal processes, beating any promised savings from solutions on the market. Development and deployment went smoothly. The development effort was little since most of the solution continues on the already built software base. Onboarding of the team was simple as the user experience is similar to the tender solution and it exactly does what they want it to do.

We hope this guide gets you going. If you need help, feel free to contact us!

Written by

Arnoud Krom – CEO of Nucleoo