Drinkable Rivers is a Netherlands-based NGO with a revolutionary mission: making rivers worldwide safe to drink again. Just a few years ago, you could dip your hands into many of the world’s waterways and scoop up fresh, cool liquid that was completely safe to drink. Sadly, rising pollution has put an end to that natural delight across most of the globe.

The fact that many of the world’s rivers are now too contaminated to drink is a key indicator of a much wider problem. Our industrialised societies are severely harming the natural world; rising pollution levels are, unfortunately, nothing new. When rivers are polluted, plant, animal and human life is harmed. The damaged state of the river shows that the entire ecosystem around it is dangerously out of balance.

But we still have the chance to set our rivers right. Dutch NGO Drinkable Rivers is working to make that a reality, bringing these waterways back to their natural, drinkable state. By educating and mobilising people to care for the rivers around them, the NGO encourages citizens to engage with, experience and become personally invested in protecting and purifying their rivers.

Citizen Scientists are a key component of the organisation’s work, taking regular water quality measurements to monitor the situation of their local rivers. We’re honoured to share that Drinkable Rivers has selected Nucleoo to process and visualise this water measurement data, facilitating access to crucial information on our rivers’ pasts, presents and futures. In collaboration with the Drinkable Rivers team, Nucleoo is crafting a custom data solution to manage these water quality measurements using our proprietary suite, Nucleoo.

“We chose to work with Nucleoo because we knew they’d be able to build us a data framework which would be fully in line with our unique needs. The water measurement data we work with is gathered by Citizen Scientists, then shared with audiences ranging from local government officials to school children. So, we needed a tailored, agile and, above all, accessible data management system to sort, display and convey our findings across our stakeholders and audiences. Implementing Nucleoo was such a simple process that fit perfectly into place with Drinkable Rivers’ overarching mission.”

Li An Phoa
Drinkable Rivers Initiator

When the world’s rivers are drinkable again, it will mean that all the natural life in and around them is rebalanced and healthy. For the Nucleoo team, this opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future is a true privilege.

“It’s a real honour to be working with Drinkable Rivers on such a worthwhile initiative. Our team’s driven to smoothly integrate Nucleoo into Drinkable Rivers’ existing business workflow and IT infrastructure, channeling their data insight potential towards new frontiers, while they barely feel a ripple.”

Arnoud Krom
CEO at Nucleoo