As we commemorate one year since ChatGPT’s global public debut (November 30, 2022), we wanted to reflect on its worldwide impact, especially for businesses. This milestone, together with the immense penetration reached by ChatGPT across companies around the world mirrors the global trend of integrating advanced AI into business operations. As of November 2023, businesses worldwide have recognized the transformative potential of ChatGPT, with up to two-thirds of companies surveyed using generative AI in some capacity, according to O’Reilly’s survey published last week.

In Spain, enterprises have harnessed ChatGPT for various purposes, from automating routine tasks to enhancing customer interactions. This reflects a broader adoption pattern, where the technology takes another step to become an essential piece of business strategy and operations.

There’s a noticeable shift in adoption dynamics. Initially, employees began using ChatGPT independently to optimize daily tasks. Now, this usage is being shaped and directed by clear guidelines from each business’ management team. After mastering the basics of ChatGPT-like tools, businesses are now taking it to the next level, integrating it across departments to boost efficiency and task quality. By doing so, they are smoothly and cost-effectively addressing critical bottlenecks and dependencies. 

Private ChatGPT

The Boom of ChatGPT in Enterprises

As of November 2023, two-thirds of companies globally are using generative AI

Strong commitment to expanding the use of ChatGPT: 93% of current users plan to increase their reliance on this technology​​.

Furthermore, 48% of companies utilizing ChatGPT have reported savings of more than $50,000, indicating its cost-effectiveness

Benefits of a private and custom ChatGPT for Businesses

Although the benefits of a private LLM might not surprise the majority of you, there are some that are still grasping a small part of it, so, what can a LLM do for a business? 

ChatGPT’s integration into business operations significantly enhances efficiency and decision-making. By automating routine tasks, it allows employees to focus on complex, value-added activities. Its rapid data analysis capabilities lead to more effective strategies, while in customer service, it boosts satisfaction through intelligent interactions and personalized responses. Additionally, ChatGPT aids in generating high-quality content swiftly and economically, keeping businesses competitive in the digital landscape by fostering innovation and streamlining operations.

However, these are just a few of the benefits of a LLM working for your business, the potential is extremely high and so are its benefits if you take this tool to a private environment and add an additional software layer. This is where it gets interesting…

Using ChatGPT in a private setting enables control over data, ensuring security and compliance with regulations like GDPR, crucial for sensitive information handling. 

The integration of an additional software layer refines and customizes ChatGPT’s output, tailoring it to the specific contexts of each sector and business. This layer standardizes the use and exploitation of ChatGPT across the organization, making it less reliant on individual prompting skills and more scalable. By aligning the AI’s responses with the company’s distinct style and industry-specific language, this customization not only reinforces brand identity in automated interactions but also ensures uniformity and efficiency in its application.

And, there is more, this layer can incorporate advanced security, analytics tools, and integration with existing systems, leading to a more cohesive and secure ChatGPT utilization. It transforms ChatGPT from a generic tool to a tailored solution, finely attuned to a business’s unique needs and challenges.

Your private ChatGPT is 7 steps away

1- Evaluate your business needs: Assess the specific requirements and goals of your business that can be addressed by implementing a private and tailored AI tool.

2- Choose the Right Provider: Select a tech partner offering a GPT Private Cloud for data control and security. Ensure they can add a software layer for output quality enhancement, customization and seamless system integration, standardizing ChatGPT usage across your organization.

3- Define Data Privacy requirements: Ensure the solution aligns with GDPR and other relevant data privacy regulations, especially for businesses operating in Spain and Europe.

4- Customize and train the model: Tailor the Private ChatGPT model to your specific business needs, including industry-specific terminologies and processes.

5- Train employees: Educate your team on how to effectively use Private ChatGPT, focusing on maximizing its potential for your business operations.

6- Integrate with existing systems: Integrate Private ChatGPT with your business’s existing IT infrastructure and workflows.

7- Monitor, evaluate and improve: Continuously monitor the performance and impact of Private ChatGPT and make necessary adjustments to optimize its benefits

By following these seven steps to implement a private and customized ChatGPT, you’re setting the stage to dramatically increase productivity and save costs in your organization. This strategic approach not only streamlines your operations but also ensures that you leverage the full potential of AI technology in a secure and efficient manner. With ChatGPT tailored to your specific business needs, you’re on your way to embrace the future of digital innovation and drive your business forward.