At Bi4 Group we believe the university gives students a great and important base to start working at IT companies. However, each company has a different technology stack they work with. So do we. We found that many graduated students learn fast but don’t have experience using the technologies we use.

The idea of the Bi4 Academy is simple. You subscribe to one of the three technology stacks. Per stack we will create a challenge. Upload your details and we will select three candidates for the challenge we will start. The selected candidates will work for a period of 6 weeks on a specific project using the latest working methodologies and technologies. During this month we will mentor and train each candidate. After a month working on the project we will review your progress and give you feedback. With this valuable experience and training in the pocket you can kick-start your professional career.

What do we offer?

We could write an infinite list of advantages that participating in the Bi4 Academy has. Here’s a summary of the most important points:

Kick-start of your professional career
Learn the latest technologies
Develop your technical and communicative skills
Possibility of a permanent contract after this period
Fun, dynamic and supportive working environment
Great colleagues and the HR department to help you out at anytime
Table soccer to show off your skills!! (or have your ass beaten by us….)
And a lot more which you will discover when you become a part of the team

How does it work?

Periodically we will launch new challenges, so register yourself for the challenge you are most interested in. You do this by sending us your motivation letter in which you tell us why you are interested in this challenge. Don’t forget to add your CV as well. We hope to call you for a personal interview and when you pass it, YOU ARE IN!

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