We have a passion for data-driven solutions, and we’re actually very good at them. Our expertise isn’t confined to a single sector: we’re much more versatile than that.

From FMCG to Formula 1, the common denominator is always data. With more than 50 specialists and 8 years of experience, we are one of the leading companies in the field.

Our Story:
The journey to our modular architecture and Nucleoo

Bi4 Group has been building custom data solutions since 2012. Over time, we saw that 80% of these data solutions were based on the same components.


The final 20% is what makes the solution unique. So, why were we building solutions from scratch every time?

In 2016, we started building a modular architecture that accelerated application development by 4 to 5x, made maintenance very efficient and reduced technical debt.

At the beginning of 2017, Nucleoo was born of the frustration that companies had to go through expensive and lengthy migration processes to effectively integrate large systems from SAP, Oracle, etc.

Our vision of efficient, integratable custom business data solutions led to many years of fine grinding the technical building blocks required to meet every data challenge. Nucleoo is the result.

We have built solutions for all kinds of companies in numerous industries. Whether we’re talking about visualisation of satellite data, real time industrial IoT sensor data, or data science self-service for supermarket receipts, we offer our clients the best and most suitable solution.

By applying a highly proactive and effective approach, we prepare our clients for the future of business.